Kodi 14.1 Helix Bugfix release

Hoje foi lançada uma nova versão do Kodi.
Release essa que vai resolver alguns problemas detectados na anterior.

Correcções feitas:
  • * Fix: incorrect video screensize on Android AML devices
  • * Fix: potential segfault when silencing audio
  • * Fix: do not skip streaminfo if format is not know.
  • * Fix: DXVA flickering on AMD
  • * Fix: prevent possible over-flow in ALSA
  • * Fix: possible sorting problems in library
  • * Fix: possible problem in library navigation
  • * Fix: don’t scroll text when it’s set to not do it
  • * Fix: scroll text if it’s too long on spinner controls
  • * Fix: don’t overlap PVR search labels
  • * Fix: bug in DLNA client string on iOS
  • * Fix: updated several PVR add-ons
  • * Fix: remember played state of video when started from recently added
  • * Fix: correct vsync on OSX
  • * Fix: broken keyboard input
  • * Fix: prevent crash on circular dependencies of add-ons
  • * Fix: large file support on Android
  • * Fix: random exiting on Android x86 builds (Nexus Player for example)

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Por: Carlos Correia

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