Kodi 15.1 Isengard

Nova release estável: http://kodi.tv/kodi-15-1-isengard-maintenance-release/
Como sempre depois de um lançamento de uma nova release, aparecem as releases de correcções de bugs que vão sendo detetados a uma escala maior.

Toca a atualizar :)

Com esta release muitos bugs da 15.0 estão resolvidos:

  • • Flush renderbuffers when flushing video player
  • • Fix broken network.bandwidth setting
  • • Fix stuttering in PVR windows
  • • Fix holding lock while querying PVR backend
  • • Unsigned apps are not working on jailbroken iOS 5.1 devices
  • • Add installed languages to the list of possible stream languages
  • • Ensure that file descriptor for logfile is NULL’ed
  • • Fixes a crash when trying do delete a file in filemanager
  • • Reimplement Cocoa_GetVolumeNameFromMountPoint for OSX
  • • Update label color for sliderex controls
  • • CProgressJob: fix crash in DoModal
  • • Fix missing return in CGUIWindowPVRBase::OnBack
  • • FFmpeg: Bump to 2.6.4
  • • Handle startup splash as regular window
  • • Fix linkage for VTB framework for iOS < 6 – fixes VTB on iOS
  • • Fix broken native keyboard on iOS 5.1.1 devices
  • • Fix wrong navigation in SmartPlaylistEditor.xml
  • • Make some virtual filesystems available when no network is available yet
  • • Fix formatting on mysql queries that could cause crash on update
  • • Only set mouse wheel control spin and slider controls when they are actually focusses
  • • Respect view mode changes of EPG when controlling number of EPG updates
  • • Handle startup splash as regular window which prevent problems if PVR or masterlock is used as startup window
  • • Fix watched flag not displaying if item is also resume-able
  • • Remove some logging on exiting that could crash on exit in some cases
  • • Fix overlapping subtitles in some cases

Por: Carlos Correia

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